Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Moodboard - Gold and White

The good old Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) left the country, he got enough of the rainy, cold Dutch weather so he is back to his vacation house in Spain, together with his loyal friends, the Zwarte Pieten :)
The Dutch truly have their funny ways when it comes to Saint Nicholas, celebrating his birthday on the 5th December (?), he lives through the year in Spain (?) and he arrives mid November in The Netherlands with a steamboat (?) with his companions the Black Peters (?), ... Well, the Dutch Sint has just as much in common with the Bishop of Myra than the Anglo-Saxon Santa Claus :)

Update: as a request from Vadjutka, here is some information about Ded Maroz, the Russian Santa and his pretty companion, Snegurochka :)

Anyway I didn't plan to write so much about the good old man I just wanted to mention that he has "left the building" so now it's really time to focus on important things like how to accessorize our Christmas outfit.

Let see, how about some gold and white?

1. Labradorite, pearl and gold earrings by Huismus, 2. Xmas earrings by vadjutka, 3. Amethyst ring with a flower and a pearl by toosis, 4. Birdcage daisy necklace by Sumikoshop

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