Friday, May 9, 2008

Etsy's The Storque on Hungary

The very talented photo journalist/sociologist/glass artist Wild Judit - vadjutka - wrote a wonderful article about traditional and contemporary crafts in Hungary.

You can read it on The Storque, it's worth it! Just click on the photo below.

Oh, and this reminds me on a bracelet what I made some time ago:


  1. That is indeed a good article.

  2. Me too, so I'm rather wearing it, than selling it :)

  3. Thanks a lot ZSB, you are so sweet!

    That bracelet is "zseniláis"..I can understand, that you dont want to sell it!

    If you ever happen to make one more, let me know!

  4. Great article and your bracelet is gorgeous!

  5. Nice of you to add this to your blog. Super article - nice to read about Hungarian tradition. I like the bracelet too.

  6. And now thanks to this article I soon will be a delighted owner of the very leather cuff on the picture! Thank you vadjutka, and let us mention the artis herself: Krisztina Marosi!



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