Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today's Etsy Finds - Something Hungarian

Today I searched etsy for unusual Hungarian or Hungary related objects, with success :)

These are handpainted rare Hungarian gnomes, I found them in cowgirljunk's shop. Aren't they adorable? :)

You can buy this amazing vintage blouse in vintagetrading's shop.

Fantastic print of a Hungarian vizsla painting by k9artgallery.

Cute photo of a cute little (but terribly loud and stinky and absolutely not environmental friendly) car, the Trabant by FriendlyMade.

And last but not least, a not so unusual but very beautiful ring by a talented Hungarian artists, Vadjutka.


  1. great Hungarian picks ! I love the vintage blouse ! that embroidery is awesome !!

  2. I like the little stinky car! Your creations are beautiful too. I will send more people to your site. Love, "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon

  3. Wonderful selection of the amazing hungary!

  4. hahaha, trabant!!
    awsome finds, thanks Zsuzsa!



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