Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Decorative wine bottle tutorial

You will need:

a wine bottle
warm water
rubbing alcohol
white matt spray paint
safety goggles and mask
adhesive lace tape
some old newspapers or something else to cover work area

First you have to remove all the labels from the bottle, the easiest way is putting the bottle in warm water. Within 5 minutes you can remove any labels and glue. Dry your bottle carefully and clean it with rubbing alcohol. As you can see on the picture I put the alcohol in a little spray bottle (what I got from the local store, it's sold as part of an carry on plastic travel kit), I find it easier to apply this way.
Carefully apply the lace tap where you want it. You really have to make sure that the tape is completely sticking to the bottle to avoid little imperfections (as you can see, I was not paying enough attention :))
Now cover your work area with the newspapers and put your bottle in the middle.

Attention: you will do this outside and PLEASE cover your eyes and mouth with safety goggles and a mask while you are spray painting!!!

So now that your wine bottle is prepared and you did everything to keep your good health all you have to do is spray away! Read the manufacturer's instructions on the paint can, to make sure how long does it take for your paint to dry and how long do you have to wait between two layers.

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