Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mini project: upcycling a coat for my daughter

I found an old coat of my oldest daughter in the attic, so I decided tha I will "pimp it up" for the younger daughter.
So I bought these wonderful embroidered fabric covered buttons from fellow EST member Deepindigo yesterday, and because she lives in The Netherlands too, I got them already today in the morning :)

I made a little fabric brooch to complement the buttons, and the Dutch theme, of course :)


  1. Great job you did! Hehehe... I have such buttons from Deep too :)

  2. I can't believe your mail office is so efficient!!! sorry I'm joking LOL
    The coat is wondeful and your daughter will be so happy to wear it!!!
    Bravissima :-)))

  3. So clever!!! I am sure your little girl will be soooo proud of it!

  4. wow!!! I love that coat!
    And that brooch is soo lovely...are you going to list some of them? hm? (I would be open :-) )

  5. Very beautiful coat, it became better than was, your daughter will like it!

  6. Great bit of upcycling! Deep makes fabulous things to finish off what one is making just perfectly :-D

  7. Great result for such little effort, well done!

  8. Those are just the sweetest little buttons ever!



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