Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secret Easter Bunny swap

This year I participated in this fun evenement of the European Street Team, The Secret Easter Bunny swap, organized by Mitsy (thank you, darling! :)) and my secret bunny turned out to be Nanouke, a sweet Portugese girl who makes fantastic wire knitted jewelry. Look what I got:
I got a fantastic purple ring, and a fun brooch with purple and pink beads and - my favorite - a big, pink ball brooch!

I was the secret bunny of Tamara from paperfection, unfortunately I forgot to make photo's of the gifts I made for her.


  1. mmm, beautiful ring and brooch, they really look great!

  2. Ohh, super! I love the colorcombo of the pink orange and purple a lot!
    What a sweet bunny you got & you were yourself! Thanks heaps for participating, ZsuZsa! :)

  3. Lucky bunny you are Zsuzsa! The brooch is my fave too!

  4. yayyyy! I love love love the brooch I made you :) I'm happy to know that you like it too!! :D




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