Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flickr favorites - semi industrial

For this week's mosaic the inspiration came from the fantastic chess set made by Bence Fördős, a very talented Hungarian designer. This chess set was his diploma work, what became a very succesful piece. The Hungarian Design Council together with the works of other young Hungarian designers has admitted this work to participate in the range of exhibitions, Objects from Hungary (OH!), representing Hungary all over Europe.
If you are interested, you can by his work in his etsy shop!

1. My equipment, 2. wonderland 015, 3. Chilli padi, 4. Chess set

Let's join the game at Artmind's blog!


  1. Wow, very manly mosaic! I love his work and he looks VERY cute too! :)

  2. Love the mechanical look of this one :) Interesting ideas too :)

  3. The chess board is my favorite.

  4. Thank you ZsB again, and thank you for the girls! :))) And of course for all others! :)



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