Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flickr Favorites - Orange and More

Let's see what we have here - items not in order of importance:

- the sun is shining, the winter is almost over
- spring is coming, obviously :)
- the kids have vacation, they have a great time together
- Lent has begun: perfect time to clean the mind and the body
- the Dutch government collapsed, just before the Dutch local elections
- Hungarian elections are coming
- the crocuses are growing in my backyard
- black birds are mating - in my backyard :)
- I am homesick again
- I just baked the best bread ever
- yesterday I saw the worst movie ever
- I made some new pendants from polymer clay - haven't touched it for almost two years, shame on me :)

Everybody, have a fantastic day! :)

1. (((((((( ((((((((, 2. ., 3. Imperial Art Appreciation: Orange, 4. Somewhere

for more flick favorites please check out Artmind's blog!


  1. don't get to down... Sun will shine again and everything solves!

  2. Very beautiful composition... thank you so much for sharing..

  3. It's warming up so spring will be here soon!
    Funny how you put your list in a random order as all I hear about lately is political talk! LOL

  4. What a cool combination! Hopefully the birds and flowers can help you to overcome your homesickness. I know it's a difficult thing to deal with.

  5. I loved to read your post!
    you made such a great list!

  6. wow...your mosaic is fabulous! i love any bright color with gray but the orange just explodes off the page. well done!



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