Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Moodboard - Green

I made a series of new necklaces from polymer clay for the upcoming joyful seasons, spring and summer. I had these wonderful hand painted silk ribbons made by Silk Studio for a time now and I always imagined doing something very girlie to enhance their beautiful cinnamon/purple/pinkish color. So I used similar colored mica clay to company the beauty of the silk and lace imprints, with a touch of cream paint to give it an antiqued look. I am pretty pleased with the results :) The necklaces are perfect for summer dresses, the long ribbon gives you the possibility to wear them in many ways and they definitely have that romantic girlie charm :)

And if we are already talk about warmer weather , I finally found some evidence of spring in my garden :)

So today's moodboard is all about green:



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