Thursday, June 17, 2010

Linoleum printing - first attempt and a rustic rusty fabric tulip cuff

A while ago I was looking for some not too expensive solution to make stamps with my own design to use it on my fabric cuffs. First I wanted the easier way (not proud of it though :)), I make a drawing and someone makes some stamps for me. My light bulb moment happened when while surfing the net I remembered that Mitsy aka Artmind had once a lovely little tutorial on how to make your own stamps. That's it! There was the answer: linocut! :)

I ordered some basic material to start with, the 3 in 1 lino Baren Kit and some discs to make stamps. I found some great linoleum print tutorials on the web, like the one by Sunberst, and I just cut away! :)
I started with my tulip:

I am pretty pleased with the result, can always better of course :)

So I took my brand new fresh stamp and I printed some fabric too. Because the lines on the linoleum are not totally smooth I though of something rustic, so I recycled an old linen pair of pants picked out a rusty brown color and made this cuff:


  1. I love it !! have done a bit of linocutting many many years ago.... maybe I'll start again after I am back from hospital. You gave me inspiration again !

  2. You where very successful with your first attempt! ..and the cuff is beautiful!

  3. Well done!!! This looks gorgeous!



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