Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday wish list

Today is Wednesday, the word starts with a w, so makes you think of other things starting with w, like wonderful, world, water, wave, whale, wood, wool, work, wear, write, wire, week, wacky, what, will, (I) want (to buy), (or just ) wish (I could have), (so let's make a) wish list :)

We have many great artists on etsy from Europe, so why don't you look and pick 3-4 or more of their beautiful creations and add to your wish list! Let's promote this wonderful group a little more!

Of course you can choose the works of artists around the globe, it's not forbidden, you will be not punished at all :)

So tell us, what soots your mood today? What would you like to wear, what sort of jewelry fits your thought today? What would you buy for your kids or that cute little nice of yours? Are you looking for some lovely sheets, an unique vase and/or a fabulous painting for you home? A practical or just fancy looking bag? Elegant or weird, fancy or cute, for a wedding party or for just another working day, for someone special or just to pamper yourself? :)

So let's search, find and make a mosaic, or just choose one lovely item that you really want today, and add a link to your blog post (NOT your blog please) or Flickr in Mister Linky (click on the button below and fill in your name with the link to your blogpost or Flickr picture).

My wish list today is all about lovely items I would like to buy for my kids:


  1. Hey! All very cool kids items yes:))
    Our pictures need to be more sunny though...
    Working on that!

  2. Such a fun game, but the sun is calling me...

  3. great game!! No playing along today for me, sorry:( as I have a wordless wednesday today....

  4. Good idea! I have to check out at last how to make these mosaics!
    So much fun possibilities....

  5. Very good marketing perspective made in a fun way for everyone to participate!

    Thanks for including my donut necklace.

  6. Cool!
    My whislist is kind of short now: relaxing :-)

  7. I love your wish list and kids will love it too:-)



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