Monday, April 25, 2011

Mindful Monday: Be Playful

1. Stop being so serious all the time! It's time to lighten up people. Sure, it's not easy to stay in a lighter frame of mind when your responsibilities are heavy. But, you have to take a break from thinking about serious stuff all the time. You can lay your burden down for a bit and play like a child. Have you noticed that no matter what is going on in a child's life, you can almost always see them set things aside to run and play? Try doing the same, good things will certainly happen.

2. Remember to "whistle while you work." Have some fun! Laugh while you do the dishes. Smile through your day and watch it infect the entire office. You don't have to get downright silly and do gymnastics in the mail room. Just make that mental shift from doing things by rote and start doing them with passion. Put fun into every activity.

3. Find a hobby that lets you use your creativity. You cannot stand around bored and tense if you are up to your eyeballs in quilting squares. Did you know that when you are being creative, you are tapping right into your spiritual side? Again, the vibrations you send out will come back to you a hundred fold. It is impossible for it to be any other way. Be creative at every opportunity in whatever way brings you the most joy.

(Robin Skeen)



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