Monday, April 11, 2011

Mindful Monday: Laundry

"Monday wash day" they said before all that shiny automatic washing machines and dryers came along and women didn't have the luxury not to spend a whole day washing the clothes. I know plenty of people who carry on this tradition, what actually makes a lot of sense, starting a new week with fresh, clean smells around is a very attractive though. Like this prayer says what I found somewhere on the net:

" Lord, help me wash away all my selfishness and vanity so I may serve you with perfect humility through the week ahead."

Well, this is definitely something to think about for a moment, before you load your washing machine :)

But if you find this a little too strict, let me show you
Karen Maezen Miller's 4 reasons why laundry leads to happiness:

These are my top four reasons why doing the laundry can make you happy, healthy and wise:

1. Someone has to do it. And you're the only one you have to work with. Facing this truth could be the biggest aha moment in your life. Instead of expecting someone or something else to change your situation, only you can do it. A full hamper reminds us that running away from the things we would rather avoid makes our lives feel like an endless chore. Face it. Taking responsibility for your own well-being is the first step in transformation. Doing even half a load makes a difference, because big changes occur little by little.

2. You can stop looking elsewhere. We spend most of our time looking fruitlessly for more meaning, more money, and greater purpose. What we already have doesn't seem good enough. When we expect ordinary things to be more rewarding than they are, or when we devalue them as less than they are, that keeps us at arm's length from our own lives. Sort the whites from the colors and the heavy duty from the delicates. Your active attention to the matter at hand washes away the sense of inadequacy and confusion.

What's to look for anyway? The instructions are always right in front of you. The tag inside a garment tells you exactly how to care for what you hold in your hands. Not just clothing, but very bit of life comes with instructions when we are mindful enough to notice. Doing it well may take more work than we'd like, but the effort is always worth it in the long run.

3. It's cheaper than therapy. You can learn a lot about yourself by how you do the laundry. Notice the difference in the way you might tenderly handle your own or your children's clothing versus the resentment you feel about the piles your spouse leaves on the floor. Watch the way you sentimentalize a baby bootie and take offense at a pair of boxer shorts. We cling to things we like and reject what we don't like when in the end it's all the same: a blend of cotton and polyester. Laundry gives us an honest encounter with ourselves and our troublesome judgments, frustrations and fury. Seeing clearly is how we become wise.

So let's be straightforward about it. Everything shrinks, fades and falls apart. Nothing stays brand-new. The most precious things we have are fashioned of flimsy fabric. Be mindful with each moment you have and you will experience your life in a different way.

4. No one turns their nose up at a clean pair of socks. Doing the laundry is practical, and that's what makes it so gratifying. No one turns their nose up at a clean pair of socks, a fresh-smelling t-shirt, or laundered sheets. When you have them, it's called the good life. You enrobe your life in dignity when you give yourself clean laundry.

Like the wad of bills left in a pants pocket, or the spare change that turns up in the bottom of the dryer, there's a treasure to be found where you'd least expect it: the laundry. You might just find that what you think you're missing - happiness - is no farther than the bottom of the basket. What's more, you'll never run out. Every day brings the chance to slow down, pay attention, take care and engage intimately with the fabric of your own life. You'll be happy you did, and so will everyone around you.

So girls and boys, let's do some laundry with a smile :)

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  1. LOL... I just don't believe this will make me do the laundry with a smile, hihihi

  2. What a lot of pscihology behind doing the laundry!

    Thank you very much for the feature!

  3. No matter how one philosophises about it it remains a chore. I would rather sit in the sun with a nice book :-D

  4. Nice post ...and number three did make me laugh aloud. I'm glad I'm not from the generation that had to devote a whole Monday to washing clothes, but at the same time there is something appealing about the way each day had its task. Now we are just over busy with everything all the time.

  5. Very deep.... but laundry is still laundry... LOL
    and this reminds me that I have to go put a load in!

  6. So funny! I don't actually mind doing the laundry. It's the folding and putting away that drives me bonkers. If only I had a little robot to do that for me...

    Thanks for including my eco-friendly cleaning set! Happy cleaning to everyone. :)

  7. So lovely and fun!
    Thank you for including my photo :)

  8. haha, number 3, so true, even though i don't have kids yet, i can resent the fact the boxers are lying on the floor and not in the laundry bin :P well, then again, i make him do the laundry anyway ;) haha ;)



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